Mini MAC Haul

IMG_4165I turned 21 last week (woohoo!) and was lucky enough to be treated to some MAC goodies from my parents. Posts about lipsticks are definitely my most popular, so I thought I’d share with you guys the two little exciting things I got my hands on.  First, I gave into the Kylie Jenner hype and picked up Soar lip pencil. To be perfectly honest, after wearing it for the first time I really didn’t think I was gonna get into it. I’m not really a neutral lip colour kind of girl, as I feel that bolder colours suit my skin-tone more.

Having said this, I’ve become a complete convert! The darker shade is a really flattering colour for my complexion, and it definitely suits me a lot more than pale nudes that wash me out. I really rate the MAC lip pencils (probably even more than the lipsticks). The formula is long-lasting and they’re so lightweight and non-drying that doesn’t feel irritating wearing them. It’s fab that I can wear Soar on its own without worrying about having to apply another lipstick on top. Overall I’m totally in love with it! Definitely try and get your hands on it if its in stock.

IMG_4267MAC Saigon Summer: As a huge fan of orange lipsticks, I’ve had my eye on this shade since last summer! Even though I already own Infrared by Topshop, the formula of this lipstick is cremesheen so less matte. I also find that it’s a really unique light corally orange colour rather than too much of a bright. I’d definitely recommend it to someone who is afraid of wearing a bold lip but wants to experiment with something a bit different. IMG_4169 Swatch from left to right – Saigon Summer, Soar lip pencil


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