Alex + Ani Jewellery

alex and aniI recently turned 21 and was lucky enough to receive an Alex and Ani Bangle as a gift. I was surprised at how much I’ve fallen in love with the bracelet, as I’m not the biggest jewellery fan in the world, I’ve found myself wearing it almost every day! As Alex and Ani were not a brand I was familiar with in The UK, I thought I’d share a little bit of info about their bangles with you guys – they’d make perfect gifts and are just a pleasure to wear.

The bangles all come in the same simple but elegant style but you can get them with a wide variety of charms attached. This makes them great for stacking up your arm & they’re adjustable so you can wear them wherever you want. (I quite like wearing mine just below the crook of my arm kind of like an arm cuff). 

My particular charm the “endless knot” is described on the Alex and Ani website as: Representing the interweaving and ever-changing spiritual path, the endless knot expresses boundless wisdom and compassion. It illustrates an eternal pattern in its design, connecting one’s destiny bound by time and change. It reminds you of life’s journey and the entanglements of faith.

It’s nice to be given a bangle that has some sort of significance to it, especially as I’m going through a drastic change in life at the moment – graduating uni and being thrown into the big bad world. As I’m a bit superstitious, I find that wearing it adds some positivity to my day. 

You can purchase this bracelet in two finishes, Rafaelian Gold or Rafaelian Silver. They are matte silver or gold polishes that are plated onto the brass bangle and have a really worn/antiqued wear. Because the gold or silver is painted on, it stops the bracelet from wearing or tarnishing. My bangle is in the gold finish and I feel it really compliments my skin-tone and I love the vintagey look of it.

If you guys want some arm candy in your life, feel free to peruse the Alex and Ani website – I hope you like the look of their jewellery as much as I do! (I’m trying to resist the temptation to add 10 more bangles into my basket to stack all up my arms).

*this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own


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