IMG_4543I was a bit M.I.A. the past couple of weeks, somewhat a result of the stressful time moving out of university, but also partly because I went interrailing around Germany for eight days with my sister! I’ve wanted to do travel related posts on Little Bit Soph for a while, and I’m so excited to share some of the adventures I got up to in Germany.

The first day of the trip, I landed nervously in Hamburg airport with my heavy backpacking rucksack. This is the  first holiday I’ve been on that isn’t just a standard beach holiday and I was quite apprehensive. My initial goal was just to get more of a taste for travelling and fight my fears of doing stuff on my own. 

To my surprise, it was quite easy to navigate the trains in Hamburg (perhaps because my sister has such a good sense of direction) and we managed to locate where our hostel was. To book all of our beds for the trip, we used Hostel World. It’s a great site because you can compare different locations based on a number of credentials including security, cleanliness, location and value. We had reservations at the Arcade Hostel. It was one of the priciest places we decided upon, but as it was our first night it was reassuring to stay somewhere that was cosy, safe-feeling and clean. 

Exploring Hamburg was really fun and after we dumped our bags at the hostel, we took a trip around the city centre and tried to soak everything up. Particular highlights were walking through traditional german markets and visiting Hamburg Town Hall.

IMG_4540Hamburg Town Hall

IMG_4514Church in Hamburg

The main attraction of the day was visiting Miniature World. There were some really high impact displays such as the largest model railway in the world and a mini airport that included miniature planes taking off and landing. Even though all of these creations were mind-blowing, I felt more drawn to the smaller sections. They had little displays that were laid out chronologically through German history. It was really interesting to learn more about how rural Germany was before it gradually industrialised and grew. Other particularly compelling exhibits were the ones containing information on the struggles of Nazi Rule as well as living with the Berlin Wall. If you’re ever in Hamburg, I really suggest checking Miniature World out!

IMG_4506Miniature World

In the evening, we went to Mexican restaurant Dos Amigos. It wasn’t as good as my one true love Las Iguanas, but the food was filling and tasty. (We were both so hungry that I didn’t get time to photograph the food haha)

I hope you guys enjoyed hearing about the first day of my German adventure, check back tomorrow to find out what we did in Berlin. 


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