IMG_4583I awoke the morning after the dramatic afternoon before with a determination to have a more successful day in Berlin. Luckily, we had managed to get a really comfortable nights sleep in the U Berlin hostel and were geared up for lots of culture and productivity.

First stop was the Berlin Wall. This was actually what I was most excited for in the whole trip. It is mental that the wall was not knocked down until 1989, which in only five years before I was born. Despite this, I’ve never studied anything about this period of German history so I was pumped to find out more. The actual wall was very somber and the heavy concrete slabs encapsulated all of the hurt that the people must have felt for decades.

IMG_4706Berlin Wall

My only disappointment was that there wasn’t loads of information at the Wall and I would have liked to learnt a bit more. Luckily, as we headed into the underground station there were murals that had loads of interesting facts about the wall. My favourite bit was the stories of families and individuals who had managed to cross into West Germany by using disused railway stops or by tunnelling underground. It was a nice uplifting end to our somber and reflective mood.

Next stop on the train was the Pergamon Museum. It is a huge building that was completely stuffed full of relics from the antiquities. What’s great is that they give you a free audio guide when you’re walking around so if something catches your eye you can listen about it in deeper detail.

IMG_4660Museum Square

IMG_4668Pergamon Museum

One of the most impressive moments of our tour of the museum was seeing the Gates of Babylon which had been reconstructed inside the museum. The final floor of the museum also completely blew me away as it was filled with Middle Eastern monuments. I’ve never seen anything like them and it’s definitely worth a visit even if it’s just to nip round that floor!

IMG_4698Kaiser Wilhelm’s Residence

After all that culture, Izzie and I were completely zonked so headed back relatively early to our hostel to get some rest before our journey to Hannover the next day! Tune back tomorrow for information on our adventures in Hannover.


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