Hannover was the German city I had the least knowledge about. Because of this, I did a bit of Google-ing before we arrived there to see what the best things to do there were. It was sad to see that a lot of people online actually said that Hannover a dull city, so I didn’t have very high expectations. Luckily, when we arrived there I completely fell in love and it ended up being my favourite day of the entire trip.

First lovely surprise was how nice our hostel was. Considering that the price was so reasonable, I was not expecting a really spacious room with a BALCONY and fresh flowers. It was the nicest, most peaceful place that we stayed and unlike all the other locations, we weren’t situated near a busy road. 

After we dumped our bags, we head straight for the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen. To be perfectly honest, I would not classify nature and walking as one of my hobbies, so I was taken aback with how much fun we had there. For just 5 euros we could access the royal grounds, botanical gardens AND a little museum which had information on the history of the Hannovers.

IMG_4718Gardens of Herrenhausen

IMG_4755Rose Gardens

As soon as we arrived there it felt like we were somewhere out of Alice in Wonderland. My favourite thing was the Rose Gardens. It was so picturesque and the fragrance from the flowers was intoxicatingly exquisite. 

After exploring the grounds, we checked out the small museum and I wasn’t really expecting much as it was so cheap to get in. We perused some Renaissance portraits and artefacts (some of which I knew about because of my studies last year) and it was really interesting! 

IMG_4796Gardens of Herrenhausen

Finally, we entered the Botanical Gardens. The sun was literally burning by this point and we were both a bit delirious. Nevertheless, we did enjoy it – especially seeing the orange and lemon trees.

IMG_4783Botanical Gardens

After our sweltering walk in the gardens, Izzie and I took refuge in the Sprengel Museum, which luckily was open until 9pm. I’m not big into modern art, but it was a bit surreal seeing an Andy Warhol portrait in the flesh and that made me really happy! I have to admit though that I did get the giggles a bit at some of the pieces. I’ll be the first to confess that I’m not really sophisticated enough to understand modern art, but there were definitely exhibits that I connected with. 

IMG_4790Andy Warhol Painting

This culture-packed day was finished by dinner on the peaceful balcony of my hostel and a long undisturbed nights sleep. I was actually really sad to be leaving Hannover, but luckily this dissipated the next morning when we travelled to Cologne! Check back tomorrow to hear more about our adventures there 🙂

Day One – Hamburg, Day Two – Berlin, Day Three – Berlin


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