IMG_4866By the final day of our trip, I was pretty exhausted and our ability to walk around with heavy bags in the sweltering heat was dwindling. Having said this, we managed to get some culture in. It was the perfect balance between relaxation and exploration. (If only the weather wasn’t so hot!)

Luckily our accommodation was a lot nicer than the hell-hole in Cologne. We stayed in the Continental hotel which was absolutely spotless and in the perfect location at the epicentre of the city. I knew that I would be able to get a good rest before my flight the next day, which eased some of my worries a bit. 

We spent a good two and a half hours of our day in Frankfurt wandering around the Stadel Museum (without even getting bored!). Exhibits were really diverse and they had everything from landscapes, to portraits, to sculptures. What was great was that the pieces were set out chronologically along with the movement that inspired them. This allowed you to gain an insight into how art has developed over time, which was really interesting. It was really incredible to see Monet and Manet paintings in the flesh too!


Stadel Museum


As I was preparing for my flight the next day, we decided to have an easy night in after our stroll around Frankfurt and visit to the museum. I thought I would round of the post by evaluating the entire trip instead of boring you with details of my journey back home.

I can honestly say that I’ve learnt so much from travelling, even though I only went for eight days – having said this my German did not improve at all which is very embarrassing to admit! I’m glad I pushed myself to try new things and to get out of my comfort zone. I’m not gonna lie to you guys and say that trecking around is better than lying on a beach and sipping cocktails, but I definitely feel like I have learnt a lot and immersed myself into a new culture. 

Have you guys been on any holidays this year? Or are you planning on visiting any? Leave me a comment down below! It’d also be awesome to hear how you found reading these posts. Travel blogging is something completely new to me so I hope that I’ve managed to be engaging! 


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