Lush Oxford St & A Little Haul

IMG_4352If there was a bath scene in Alice in Wonderland, I’m convinced it would have been set in the new Oxford Street Lush Store. I felt like a child on Christmas morning when I stepped into the three floored labyrinth of beautifully smelling products!

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the store was the amount of products I hadn’t seen before (and as a Lush super-fan this really surprised me)! The staff were as friendly as ever and informed myself and Olivia that over 200 products had been added to the exclusive Lush Oxford Street line. Forget Big Ben, the London Eye or St Paul’s Cathedral, beauty lovers now have the perfect excuse to visit the capital to check out all these new exclusives!

IMG_4354The first exclusives I were drawn to were the bath oils. Popping them into the bath will provide the ultimate relaxation as well as being super moisturising for the skin! I thought they were quite good value too at £2 a pop as bath oils tend to be quite expensive. They would definitely be a good purchase for them days where you need an extra boost.

IMG_4351Pictured above are a really small sample of the many new bath bombs that have been added to the Oxford St Lush Exclusives list. 

IMG_4355These little windmill reusable bubble bars looked super cute!

IMG_4356We had a lot of fun spritzing and smelling all the different perfume samples on the ground floor of Oxford Street Lush!

Even though I wanted to fill my basket up with a billion different things, I gave myself a 3 product limit. Here are the things I chose!


The Experimenter Bath Bomb:

Intergalactic Bath Bomb:

I was drawn to this bath bomb purely because it the scent was really invigorating. The fragrance is so refreshing and minty! I’m excited to test it out in the bath & I’ll keep you guys posted. 

A French Kiss Bubble Bar:

This isn’t an Oxford Street exclusive, but I’ve been eyeing it up for a while so decided to take the plunge and pick one up! I find lavender scents really relaxing and I love that you can use bubble bars more than once. 

What do you guys recommend from Lush? Let me know what I should pick up next time I visit 🙂


5 thoughts on “Lush Oxford St & A Little Haul

  1. UGH! I love Lush so much! You should absolutely try out the Butterball bath bomb, if you haven’t already. King of Skin is really nice, too. I would love to find a Lush store that epic here in the US!

  2. 3 product limit?! You have more will power than me! 😋 I still haven’t been able to visit so I will just continue to look at the photos in this post and dream lol x

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